Customers Reviews

Here are our customers reviews and testimonials about our work and furniture we are building.  

My  name is Renie Harwood, owner of Harwood House Interior in Atlanta Ga. I have been in business as designer for the past 27 years.I have known and work with Mr. Kotlowski on many projects.Not only is he extremely skilled as a master craftsman from European school,I find that I could hire him to take on complete renovation of projects as he is able to lead a team of sub-contractors in all areas of renovation.

Of all the craftsman I have work with over the years, I found Mr. Kotlowski to be most honorable and trustworthy in handling a project.Not only did I hire him to completely renovate my own home in Atlanta,I also hired him to play a major role in building my vacation home on Kiawah Island , SC., which was asked to be on the Gibbes Museum Home Tour.

  Mr. Kotlowski has done work in my house on several occasions. As a consequence I have come to know a great deal about both his absolute trustworthiness and his impressive skill and ability as a craftsman. Though he came highly recommended,I still found myself awed at the level of proficiency, artistry and elegance that he brought to his work.  In addition to amazing array of expertise and talent, Kris is honest to the core. He had many opportunities to stir me toward choices that would have been more favorable to his bottom line, yet he consistently directed me towards options that were best for me. This combination of superior talent and consistent integrity is an invaluable asset .. and one largely lacking in general population of contractors today. Kris is a perfectionist and his unique blend of art, order, function, and grace shows in everything he does. - M.J. Buckman


Kris is such a joy to work with and to have him work in our home. He completely redid our kitchen. I wanted a European look and he exceeded all my expectations He glazed all of my cabinets a high tech gray, installed the granite counter tops, replaced the ugly tile with hardwood, installed a new window and sink. Took off part of the counter top to make the kitchen more spacious. I would say that Kris is really a designer. He has such an eye for detail and is imaginative, creative and was always willing to change things up and offer very practical solutions. He was punctual and timely with the job and such a pleasure to work with. I must say that when he completed the job, I missed having him around. He is a fascinating man with wonderful stories of Europe an a true European Craftsman. Everyone who enters my home is astonished at the transformation of my kitchen and it truly is the center and heart of my home. H is the very best contractor  that I have ever had and could not come any more - Kim Bennett